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Latest information

  • Official results
    Time for official results!Basic stages:Polish Champions – Junior (18-):I place- Katarzyna CepurdejII place – Natalia WolniewiczIII place – Jerzy Wąsiewicz Polish Champions – Elite:I place – Krzysztof ŁątkowskiII place – Marlena WielebaIII place – Krzysztof Dudzik Polish Champions – Masters (50+):I place – Przemysław WitczakII place – Mariusz GórajIII place – Piotr Janowski OPENI placeContinue reading →
  • 3 days of Polish Champs!
    Polish Champs in Online Orienteering came to an end. Competitors took part in 9 basic stages, 3 Catching Features games and could test 3 bonus stages of Trail-O. It was sometimes difficult, really varied but hopefully – creative and interesting!
  • Final call
    Final call to action! – send us your transfer confirmation to klub@harpagan.pl or – send quick paypal to paypal.me/dominikaharpagan Current list attached! https://drive.google.com/…/1F5o9OHbQaWeSqjsY7hGIhboNU…/view… Only several hours to go!
  • Tim – the course setter!
    Another great news – middle distance in Catching Feaures will be prepared for you by Was Tim Robertson! What World of O has to say about Tim? The first ever to win JWOC sprint two times in a row (2014 and 2015) – after taking the bronze medal in 2013. Continued with good results alsoContinue reading →
  • There is more to a map than orienteering!
    At the start of the competition we always expect the map to be compliant to international standards. But still we need to relate this information to real world which can be described in many ways. In this stage we’ll present you with orienteering map and a set of map fragments cut from different types ofContinue reading →
  • Entry deadline today!
    Don’t forget to submit your entry! Entry form will be open only till 22:00 CEST!