Championships will take place during the long weekend of 1-3 of May 2020. We will prepare:

  • 9 basic stages
  • 3 addidtional stages in Catching Features game – to take part, you need to have this game. If you think about buying it, consider taking part in Catching Features World Cup 2020 where you will be granted a discount.
  • 3 bonus Trail-O

For each day we plan to prepare 3 basic stages, 1 CF game, 1 bonus Trail-O stage.  


1st of May 2020 – sprint distance

  • Running Wild – choose it fast!
  • Quiz-O – do you know everything about orienteering?
  • Commands – can you remember the way?
  • Catching Features – Between the Castles sprint (Mirów-Bobolice) – Course Stter: Frederic Tranchand
  • Bonus: Trail-O

2nd of May 2020 – middle distance

  • Where is Wally? – choose the control point
  • Find the difference – these maps really are not the same!
  • Maze
  • Catching Features – Middle Warsaw Wesoła – Course Setter: Tim Robertson
  • Bonus: Trail-O

3rd of May 2020 – long distance

  • Lost between maps
  • Up or down? – how to run and not get (too) tired?
  • Warsaw Street View Orienteering
  • Catching Features – Long Gdańsk Niedźwiednik – Course Setter: Fryderyk Pryjma
  • Bonus: Trail-O

Every day in the morning competitors will get an e-mail with detailed instructions needed to complete all stages. Stages for particular day will be sent the evening before, to be completed during the whole day. Exact times will be stated in each day’s bulletin!